International events

We organize participation and provide comprehensive support for local clinicians attending the training programs at the leading medical centers of Europe, Asia and US.

The continuous development in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is quickly changing the landscape both for consumers and practitioners. Keeping track of innovations and the latest developments in medical science and technology can be a real challenge. But the responsible professionals should always be ready for changes by updating and improving their knowledge and skills and constantly learning from their counterparts.

Therefore it becomes even more important to pick relevant scientific and industry events tailored to your professional niche so you could make the most of this experience and stay current with what's going on.

ProfDialogue is providing you with this opportunity by bringing together:

  • Leading experts in various therapeutic areas from Russia and abroad
  • Professional communities
  • Public organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Educational and medical institutions
  • Industry stakeholders
  • Federal and regional media
  • Medical students and postgraduates 

The Center helps Russian clinicians and healthcare administrators to get involved with the training programs held at the leading international clinics and attend international conferences and meetings. We also offer assistance in obtaining grants.

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